Magento Check Order extension add a floating icon on all pages, allowing Customers to quickly check Order status, Tracking information and Customer is also able to upload Bank Slip image to Shop Owner

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- Magento Check Order extension adds a floating convenient icon for Customer to quickly check Order Status

- Guest customer, without My Account access, can also use this feature to quickly check their Order

- If the Order is made with Bank Transfer payment method, extension also offers a nice form for Customer to upload Bankslip, Bank Transaction ID, amount, date, time, bank account....to notify the Store Owner

Advanced Check Guest Order Status

Advanced Check Guest Order Status

Advanced Check Guest Order Status

  • Download extension zip file
  • Navigate to app/code folder
  • Create new folder named "Wiki"
    • sudo mkdir Wiki
  • Copy extension zip file to "Wiki" folder and unzip
  • Run command:
    • sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade

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